Unpolished Rarities, D.I.Y and Heaviness

UnderJorden vol.1

Kategori: crust

 This is the first digital compilation of d.i.y-minded bands compiled by "I Love Underground Bands".
Check out the bandcamp-site -----> Download and enjoy for free here!

Bands featured on UnderJorden vol.1:
Brännmärkt - Classic d-beat/crust
Oak - Mind-fuck hardcore
Tengil - Shoegazing post-rock
Seedna - Doomy, dark and ambient post-metal
We´ve Got A Message From - Anxiety loaded post-metal
Nionde Plågan - Pitch black and heavy hardcore
Kira - Introvert hardcore
Careless - Skramz
Kardborrebandet - In-your-face-punk
Spiknykter - Filthy and angry hardcore
Dråp - Rotten d-beat
Digher - Hatebreedish blackened metal
Visio Mortis - Melodic yet brutal death-metal
Amber.A - New wave post-hardcore
ACDD - Witty and minimalistic punk

Thanks to all the bands and thank YOU for supporting the underground scene!


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