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TOP 10 OF 2012

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So, this is my top 10 albums/eps/demos of 2012!
It is 10 extremely good bands, hailing from the underground scene that made my music year awesome!

1. This Gift Is A Curse - I, Guilt Bearer
With a mix of black metal and hardcore, This Gift Is A Curse sounds like satan vomiting on every putrid soul out there. I, Guilt Bearer is a true nihilistic masterpiece that will make your ears bleed.

2. Jura - Demo 2012
When most of the new post-metal bands are boring copycats of Neurosis, Isis and Cult Of Luna, Jura is a fresh breath in this imploding genre. They look at an other direction, mixing shoegaze and a dreamlike soundscape in their music. Juras demo is just awesome!

3. Curse This Ocean - Lightbringer
 Both hardcore blasts, that makes adrenalin rush to your head and the more moody post-rock flirting passages
makes Lightbringer to an interesting, intense and extremly dark experience.

4. Tantara - Based On Evil
Tantaras debut album is a thrash-fest and are truly based on evil. It has a really raw sound and you won´t find a boring radiohit or a powerballad on it.

5. Tengil - Stoma
Even though it  is only one song, Stoma is a critical hit and it feels like a knife to your heart. It never gets boring.

6. Totem Skin - St EP
Anxiety-grind at it's best. You listen to it in awe.

7. Eldstad - Prolog
With melancholic tunes and piercing screams, Prolog gives you a taste of something big to come.

8. Careless - ST EP
The guys in Careless plays a mix of hardcore and emo. The fusion is dazzlingly beautiful and totally irresistible.

9. If Heroes Should Fail - First light
The best way to describe If Heroes Should Fail is atmospheric aggression. First light is a post-hardcore colossus, with long, evolving songs. You´ll find the same patterns in post-rock.

10. Visio Mortis - Call Of The Swarm
They may not pour fresh blood in the melodeath-genre, but the way they carry out their melodic creations are mercilessly hard.

Check out the bands here: This Gift Is A Curse, Jura, Curse This Ocean, Tantara, Tengil, Totem Skin, Eldstad, Careless, If Heroes Should Fail, Visio Mortis


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